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HI Spice Hot Sauce

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Jalapeño Lime Cilantro

This sauce literally goes well with everything!! We decided to

skip those wimpy tomatillos and doubled down on the

jalapenos to bring you a verde sauce with a little more heat

than your average verde. Takes this awesome Bloody Mary

from Beach Bums BBQ to the next level!!

How we like to sauce it up…

If I didn’t speak Gringo, I’d believe that ‘Verde’ was Español

for AWESOME!! We’ve tried this sauce with everything from

eggs, to aioli, to Bloody Marys, to even marinating steak as a

chimichurri. Do your lips a favor and try this one…STAT!!

Pineapple & Habanero

Super stoked to have teamed up with our friends at

Smoke and Spice to create this diabolical dynamic

duo of flavor with their amazing brisket and our

pineapple habanero hot sauce!!

How we like to sauce it up…

Pork, pork, pork…get in my belly. Slather this sauce on

pork to create a marriage made in pig heaven. Also

tastes amazing on chicken anything or just straight up

on a tortilla chip!!

Turmeric & Ginger

Holy ‘Zing’ Batman!! The ginger pops right off the top with

this one and finishes with an intense spicy turmeric bouquet.

How we like to sauce it up…

This is the one for fish. Lather this stuff on your fish tacos

like baby oil and your tummy will thank you because of all

the benefits associated with turmeric, ginger, and capsaicin.

It’s a triple threat of spicy awesomeness!!!

Mango Banana

The 7 pot Katie peppers in this sauce pack some

serious fire, but the mango and bananas give it

enough sweetness to trick your tongue into

slathering on some more!!!

How we like to sauce it up…

What’s better than tacos? Ok, maybe bacon, but

tacos are truly God’s gift to us hungry humans.

Can Tuesday get here fast enough?!


Aloha from HI Spice!!

We are a husband & wife operation from Maui, Hawaii. Years of casual home gardening has escalated into absolute pepper craziness, so we decided to introduce our flavorful hot sauces to those who crave flavor AND heat! We are collaborating with local farmers to bring you a truly Maui crafted hot sauce that is 100% HI Spice!!

Our Mantra


It’s pretty simple. We’re all about supporting local. We live on a small island and collaborate with local farmers with every facet of the process: peppers, fruit, down to the honey. Making small batches of craft-style hot sauces, we are bringing you a farm to bottle sauce experience.


Justin & Katie

Check us out on @Hi_Spice!

Whats New at HI Spice?


We are so stoked on this hot sauce journey Katie and I have been on these past 12 months and beyond. We have been building relationships with local Maui farmers, working with

Winner Winner!!

“Seriously the best hot sauce and it's all local!! Win Win! Those that know me know I don't typically write reviews but this one deserves 10 stars! The balance of


“Best breakfast ever! The flavors are amazing! The heat was totally manageable and the balance with the food is so unique!" ~ Frank

Taco Tuesday was a HIT!!!

We tried our sauce for the first time last night! Taco Tuesday was amazing thanks to our new sauce!!! We love our new sauce so much that we tossed all

Best on the island!!

The best hot sauce the islands have to offer. So many fun great fun flavors!!! Thanks guys- loving my guava sauce!! ~ Sean


“Da sauce is so goooood!” ~ Trish

Aloha world!

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