Smoked Scorpion

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This sauce is the hottest of the original flavors (Raspberry Ghost, Lilikoi Lava, and Ho Brah! are the 3 hottest past Smoked Scorpion).  We smoked these trinidad moruga scorpion peppers with kiawe (Hawaiian mesquite) to give it an awesome smokey flavor to balance with the fiery heat these peppers are known for.  If heat is what you crave, then this is the one for you!! Rumor has it this tastes amazing in a Bloody Mary!

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Smoked Scorpion

You like it spicy?  This is the spiciest of our fleet, and it’s no joke!!  We roasted the garlic and sauteed the sweet Maui onions to pair with the smoky scorpion peppers to give this an amazing well rounded flavor with ample heat.


Kiawe smoked Trinidad Moruga Scorpions, Maui onions, garlic, apple cider vinegar, honey, salt

How we like to sauce it up…

I love this one on some baby back ribs or even some pulled pork sliders on garlic toast.

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9 reviews for Smoked Scorpion

  1. admin

    So Ono!!!

  2. Jonny Walker

    I have been trying different sauces for over 40 years and I love this sauce, mix some with eggs for spicy omelets, or added to my chicken batter gives it a bit of a bite! So good with a great flavor, some sauces are just heat; don’t get me wrong it will get your attention but the flavor is outstanding.
    To the folks at HI SPICE, great job and keep doing what your doing,This is my new favorite!

  3. Doug

    My sister who lives on Maui included a bottle of Hi Spice Smoked Scorpion sauce with my Christmas gift last year. It’s the most amazing hot sauce ever … it’s not just a mouth numbing hot. It’s got a unique and amazing smoky flavor. We just ran out and I can’t live without it so am ordering more.

  4. Scott Sanford

    I spotted this sauce in a small food shop in Wailea …WOW! I am a hot sauce affecianodo ….love hot!
    Heat is not overwhelming (for me), but the flavor with the onion and garlic hits first … my new favorite!.
    Sharing a bottle with my son-in law, and will be ordering more. Wish I could buy locally in Portland (OR) Metro area

  5. Randy

    Whenever I need some serious heat, this sauce is my favorite. Most hot sauce out there with this heat level tend to be all burn and no taste, but here you get the best of both worlds. I love it with any smoked meats.

  6. Sam Murray

    The flavor and heat are absolutely PERFECT! A friend bought me some while on the island knowing I love hot sauce and well, this has easily become one of my favorites ever! I was going to stock up but they are currently out!! 🙁

  7. Ron Gray

    My mother just brought me a bottle of this after their trip to Hawaii. Made wings tonight. Delicious. Pretty intense heat but just full of flavor. Not like normal hot sauces that are just hot to be hot. Highly recommend.

    • Justin Orr

      Thank you Ron!! It happens to be my personal favorite flavor:) – Justin

  8. Mary Schmid

    My mother just came home from Hawaii. She always brings us something because she’s a sweetheart. This year she asked the person in the shop what the hottest sauce they had was. This stuff is great! I love heat but usually the hotter ones lack good flavor. This is so good I’m ordering two others to try! Thank you! And please don’t stop making it I’m going to need more!

    • Justin Orr

      Thank you for the kind words, Mary! Thanks to fans as yourself we hope to be doing this for a LOOOOOOONG time!!!

  9. Eric

    This sauce is well balanced and full of flavor. I can eat this on just about anything (it’s so good!).

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