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Mangoes and bananas mellow out the awesome burn of the 7-pot (Katie varietal) pepper. Rumored to have received it’s name because one pepper could spice up 7 pots of chili, this sauce is sure to kick up the heat on your food. Goes very nicely with grilled fish, chicken, or pork. For the more adventurous soul, try drizzling it on your favorite ice cream!

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The 7 pot Katie peppers in this sauce pack some serious fire, but the mango and bananas give it enough sweetness to trick your tongue into slathering on some more!!!


Mango, Banana, 7pot Katie peppers, Maui onions, garlic, apple cider vinegar, honey, salt

How we like to sauce it up…

We like to use this sauce as our base for a super zingy Asian-style curry base. mix with some chicken or veggie stock and simmer in coconut milk to taste and voile!! It has also changed the sushi game now that we don’t need wasabi and shoyu for our rolls!! Just a drizzle and you’re set!! LATHER THIS STUFF ON LIKE BABY OIL AND YOUR TUMMY WILL THANK YOU BECAUSE OF ALL THE BENEFITS ASSOCIATED WITH TURMERIC, GINGER, AND CAPSAICIN. IT’S A TRIPLE THREAT OF SPICY AWESOMENESS!!!


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2 reviews for Mango

  1. David H

    Got this from a friend that visited Maui in January. Delicious. Med+ rated heat but this is hot hot hot. But not just hot for the sake of hot. Sweet flavors balance out the hotness. Great leftover heat with incredible flavor. Will definitely purchase from here again. Mango and Banana flavors aren’t necessarily discernible, but it doesn’t matter. I can’t say enough how great the flavor is and the spice is fantastic. Great on tacos, burritos, pizza, will have to try on ice cream…Vanilla bean in particular. Great product, well worth the price!

  2. Randy

    When I want to crank up the heat in my sauce either on pizza or eggs this is one of my favorites. It adds heat and a sweet flavor that I’ve never had before in some of the old standards out there. This is a great option for somebody who wants sweet with the heat.

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