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Build Your Own Box! (2 Pack)

(7 customer reviews)

From: $32.00 $22.00

Save CRAZY amounts by buying in packs of 2! Free Shipping on all orders!

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Jalapeño Lime

$16.00 $11.00

Pineapple Habanero

$16.00 $11.00

Papaya Guava

$16.00 $11.00

Turmeric Ginger

$16.00 $11.00

Lilikoi (MILD)

$18.91 $13.00

Papaya Jerk Sauce

$16.00 $11.00

Pineapple Ginger

$16.00 $11.00

Dragon Fruit

$16.00 $11.00

Dragon Fire

$16.00 $11.00

Smoked Scorpion

$18.91 $13.00

Raspberry Ghost (LIMITED SUPPLY!)

$18.91 $13.00

Lilikoi Lava

$18.91 $13.00

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7 reviews for Build Your Own Box! (2 Pack)

  1. Randy & Judy & Stephanie

    Your sauces are the best! We love you!!

  2. Kathy

    Love this hot sauce!

  3. Lm

    Excellent Stuff

  4. Beth Ochsner

    Discovered this hot sauce when we visited Maui about three years ago… Love the Scorpion sauce and the Turmeric Ginger! My parents were headed to Kihei last fall, so had them pick up more for us and they also brought back the pineapple hot sauce (haven’t tried yet) which I anticipate will be equally delish! We absolutely love the Scorpion in particular, but apply to food sparingly to start of your mouth will go up in flames (in a good way). About to gift a two pack to some friends in FL who are also hot sauce enthusiasts, great job with these sauces!

    • Justin Orr

      Thank you SO much for the repeat biz!! I think you’ll fall in love with the Pineapple. Stay tuned for a few new flavors coming up!!!

  5. Andrew (verified owner)

    I’m a huge fan of these hot sauces. Exotic with rich flavorful peppers…raspberry ghost is my favorite but you gotta try them all.

  6. Alyssa

    Ordering more papaya jerk from Atlanta Georgia because I had some in Maui and can’t get enough!!

  7. Brett in Cleveland (verified owner)

    I ordered the tumeric ginger and pineapple hot sauces. They presented two distinct flavor profiles from eachother but both are awesome in their own way. Nice heat from both but a real depth of flavors that is honestly addictive. I keep looking around the kitchen for new foods to try them on.

    • Justin Orr

      You got to try the new Pineapple Ginger!! It’s kind of a blend of both of those but with a little more heat. Stoked you’re enjoying them!!

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