“Seriously the best hot sauce and it’s all local!! Win Win! Those that know me know I don’t typically write reviews but this one deserves 10 stars! The balance of heat and flavors are spot on every time! My bottles are gone almost instantly because we put it on everything! I can’t wait until you start putting it on shelves everywhere!” ~ Nancy

Justin Orr

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  • Angie Fox says:

    Full disclosure: I am a bit of a spice ‘wuss.’ My husband is a bit of the opposite. I *never* put hot sauce on anything. However, when my friends started their hot sauce venture, I wanted to support them and figured hubs would enjoy the sauce. WELL, we received our first bottle and I was pleased to see it was the jalapeno lime which is considered one of the ‘wimpier’ ones. I cautiously tried a small amount on my burrito and let me tell you….YUMMMMMMMMMMM
    It definitely has some heat but not enough that I couldn’t handle. But… the flavor! It really is so flavorful and delicious. I can’t believe at 41 years old, I might be converted to a hot saucer! LOVE

  • MONIKA MONTZ says:

    Yummy Hot sauces! LOVE the Pineapple Habenero!

  • Chaz says:

    Super stoked to pop by and see new seasonals. These guys are always mixing it up with new flavors, just picked up some starfruit hot sauce this weekend and it is SOOO LEGIT. Btw, what peppers did you use for that blend? I bought it immediately after trying a sample and didn’t even ask. Great job, once again!


  • Mitch says:

    Spreading the HIspice love here in Southern CA!

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